Bad ideas for Kids Books

  1. Anatomy for kids with Hannibal the Cannibal
  2. How to mess your friends’ little brains forever – An Introduction to psychoanalysis for kids.
  3. The monsters under your bed.
  4. Playtime with power tools.
  5. You too can fly!
  6. How to manipulate parents.
  7. No more lemonade — How to make money without your parents knowing.
  8. Selling organs you don’t need.
  9. 20 ways to spread your germs faster!
  10. The cow jump over the land mine.

A question of label

I was raised sort-of passive Catholic. At 10 years old, I became a Non-believer. 10 years later, I thought of myself as an Agnostic. Another 20 years passed and I was an Atheist.

I now think the label Atheist is too restrictive as it only says I don’t believe in a god. There are many things I don’t believe in, like homeopathy, psychics, angels, magical healing, the power of crystals, voodoo, trolls, ghosts, and a lot more.

Skeptic is not bad, but does have a connotation of permanent ambivalence. The right label, if I need one, might be Rationalist or Evidentialist.

Bad product ideas

  1. Mint-flavored drainage rocks
  2. Semi-automatic fast-loading double rifle baby food dispenser
  3. 50″ laptop
  4. Inflatable bear-trap
  5. Human-flavored shark bait
  6. Edible rocket launcher
  7. Gerbil-powered plane
  8. Tethered long-distance drones
  9. Dehydrated rocks
  10. Midriff snow jacket