Stop Talking Nonsense!

Welcome to ClearThought®, the latest product from DeliciouslyQuirky.

This speech filter combines a logic analizing algorithm, Internet -enhanced knowledge database and a voice rendering module.

When you try to voice your poorly-though, shallow biaised opinionos and pass it for common facts, ClearThought®, filters it, enhance your arguments with provable hard facts and delivers it in your actual voice. You can now eloquent and be credible!

Order now and receive the Dejargoniser®! That earpiece descrambles the most obsure techobabble and officespeak. It evens works on level 4 marketing cryptic buzzword charades! All you hear is clear, well structured language that makes sense!

Fun in Non-Leathal Weapons Land

We usually associate the word weapon with death or great pain. The goal of of most weapons is not necessarely to permanently destroy the ennemy but to place him under custody for capture trial or interrogation, or for him to stop attacking us. To achieve those goals, one would be better using one of the following non-lethal weapon:

  1. High-Velocity Marshmellow Gun: Also available in Pumpkin Puree.
  2. Blue Cheese Grenade: Coats the ennemy with blue cheese paste.
    Also come in Mustard, Concentrated Garlic and Rancid Milk.
  3. The Sleeper: A loudspeaker whispers Advanced Calculus Thermodynamic Equations with a deep monotonous voice. Also comes in Macroeconomics and “Dissertation on the Abstract Non-Colonialism Aspects of Postmodern Philosophical Existentialism, from the Pseudo non-Involment point of view”.

Out on a Limb

We could make our bodies better by unblocking the regenerative capabilities (see salamander) in our cells to be able to grow back limbs.

If you have the ability to grow limbs by unlocking functions in the cells… maybe you can send signals to alter the blue print and grow limbs/organs according to new specs, such as changing efficiency , dimensions, appearance, etc. AND at that point, you’ll have companies that will sell cell coding templates to match your favorite celebrity!

InfoLife Part2

Information Architecture and Visualization is getting more and more important since we are exposed to so much data every day.

InfoLife (Internet 3.0) should be a system that can capture, archive, retrieve, sort and display multiformat data in a way that works in real life. That system should be mobile, real-time, simple to use and be able to use human common sense.

You hear a good song on the radio. You want to remember the song’s name but also know what else the band did and if the band is touring in your city soon.

You are shopping and see a jacket you like in a store. You want to know if another store within a 5km radius that is opened right now has the same item cheaper.

You are meeting someone at a networking event. The face-recognition system starts and display info on that person, along with websearch on what he wrote, companies he worked with, last time you met him, etc.

Those applications are beyond database queries, RSS aggregates or fuzzy logic basic software applications. They provide you with real-time options based on multiple factors weighted by context. They only display relevant information based on your situation, tone, heart rate, time of day, etc.