Studying the Biblical Arguments

What does the study of the Bible, the existence of God and the creationists (or intelligent design) arguments entail?

  • History, based on evidence of archeology and external historical records
  • Cosmology to compare with the biblical cosmological views
  • Textual criticism to reveal authorship, editing, the role of scribes, and contradictions in the Bible
  • Knowledge of other scripture and ancient stories to put the biblical ideas and stories in context
  • Physical geography, plate tectonics, geology, geomorphology and climatology to compare with the flood story
  • Biology, anatomy, biogeography, genetics and phylogeny (classification) to understand the Theory of Evolution
  • Argumentation to detect logical fallacies and dishonest tactics
  • Creationism and Intelligent Design to understand their framework, history and techniques

Mythical Fine Dining

Medusa Kebab Plate
Comment: the potatoes were rock hard.

Kraken Steak
Comment: Good, but you really have to go through hoops to get that meal.

Mummy Chicken Wrap
Comment: I felt a bit strange for days after eating it… like I was cursed or something.

Werewolf Stew
Comment: Tender, but i wish they did a better job at shaving the meat…

Invisible Man’s Salad
Comment: Not happy. $12 for a salad and it seemed like an empty bowl to me…