Suggestions for upcoming movie Jackass 3

  1. One of the guys gets handcuffed and naked. He then gets tattoed by 7 epileptic blind midgets.
  2. 3 of the guys wearing bunny suits enter the carcass of a beached whale after loading it with TNT. The rest of the gang detonates it and laugh hysterically.
  3. The whole gangs disguised themselves with fake robes, beards and explosive belts. They enter the Pentagone while screaming “Don’t shoot, we are just actors”, in arabic.
  4. The whole gang goes to play poison dart blowguns in a small room after their brains had been surgically replaced by monkey brains. Nobody notice a difference.

Anachronism is not a snake!

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  5. Autographed Photograph of Alexander The Great

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