Extreme TV Shows

JetPack Race
5 racers have to fly to the other side of a large warehouse with electrified ceiling, floor and walls, while dodging dodge poles and windmills.

Last Bot Standing
In the game called “Last Bot Standing”, a team of 10 exoskeleton-wearing contestants have to capture the flag on a Peruvian jungle cliff. To do so, they must first eliminate the other contestants, each more armed than the next.

Whose Face is it Anyway
This highly addictive show features a paid contestant that goes about his or her daily life wearing a special helmet with cerebral probes, controlled by the viewers via web surveys. The actions receiving the most votes will be applied to the contestant. The probes produce results by affecting different parts of the volunteers’ brains with electric impulses. They can affect motricity, dexterity, facial expressions and speech. The goal is to produce the most embarassing situations, viewed 24 hours a day, live in high-definition.

Extreme Makeover
Viewers suggest makeovers. The makeovers can include plastic surgery, cranial implants, DNA modifications, body extensions, skin modification, extra limbs, and genetic regression. A panel of judges choose the best 10 for 10 contestants, who will be given 1 million dollars each. At the end of the makeovers, viewers vote for the best one, who will receive an additional 10 million dollars.

Minor Superheroes

Ability to morph into anyone, providing they bare an uncannny ressemblance to himself.

Ability to teleport herself within a 1/2 inch range. If applied in rapid motion, can make opponent slightly dizzy.

Time Traveller
Can travel back and forth in time, but only 2 seconds.

Mind Reader
Ability to read minds, a long as the thoughts are about small grey dogs wearing purple vests.

Ability to create a copy of himself, but the copy appears at 12 million kilometers from the original.

Ability to switch the left and right side of her body for 2 seconds at a time.