Questions for the OpenThinker — part 1

1) Would you notice if the left and right side of your body would have been surgically switched (without side-effects of scars)?

2) How would you react if you learn that you really know nothing about your life from your birth to 10 years old because all the “memories” you have are false-memories from doctored pictures, movies and audio tracks.

3) What would do if you had the ability to travel in time only 3 times. What would you witness or change?

4) What is your threshold of “label reversal”? What would you have to learn about someone that would invert the label you placed on that person?
Example1: you know a really good person — smart, charitable, funny, kind, generous — but you then learn that the person is an organ harvester.
Example2: you read that someone is a serial killer. You then learn that the same person devoted his life to helping people in homeless shelters.

PS: An OpenThinker is someone who doesn’t take reality for granted and like to explore the underlying structure of it.

De-Beautify Yourself!

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Let’s talk Exoskeletons

While waiting for the full Exoskeletons that will allow us to run and leap like a gazelle, lift as much as an elephant and attach a multitude of add-ons like a chainsaw, a mining drill of a bazooka to our arms. let’s think about a more accessible version.

Heavyduty Pogo Sticks fastened with large straps of Velcro to each legs would allow us to jump higher and, with proper training, leap like a gazelle.

You lay down on your back, tie a large elastic band to both Pogo Sticks and you have a powerful slighshot-grenade launcher that doesn’t need costly propulsion system.

A tear-resistant inflatable bubble covering the whole suit would allow the fighter to bounce down a hill faster than a car or knock down ennemies like a bowling ball.

So with part available in hardware and toy stores, you can get an useful entry-level Exoskeleton. Combine that with a GPS, NightVision Goggles, and a SuperSoaker full of Citric Acid and you’re good to go.

Do-it Yourself BrainSurgery Kit

Ever wanted to have a real excuse not to go to work? Ever wished you could make hillarious twitchy faces?

Now you can! With our new and improved Do-it Yourself BrainSurgery Kit, you can tap (literally) into the obscure zones of your brain. With a few holes and pokes, you can increase your memory, speak alot faster, dance graciously or spend the next 2 years in a delightful and carefree vegetative state. Great for the gambling type!

Comes with a 15 minute video, clamps, a small saw, a cranial hammer, 5 metal punches with our logo (to mark the zones you edited), a bib (you’ll thank us later for that one) as well as an admission form for our new top-of-the-line phychiatric ward.

You’ll never have so much fun with power tool!

Unified Theory and Chackras

Science usually tries to analyze and define reality to extract patterns to predict behavior. We are not yet tapping into the underlying code. Predicting the behavior is only the beginning. Things will start to get exciting when we discover the backdoor to reality, when we can change the default values and change the code.

A team of metascientists from the labs of found out that a precise combination of Chackra sounds, coloured lights at a frequency of 427Hz and a quick interprative dance about a squirrel allows to change the default value t (number of hours in a day). They reset it to 37.

First Prototype of The Bionic Man Found

Breaking News
What is believed to be the first prototype of The Bionic Man has been found in a warehouse in Alabama over the week-end. The prototype, albeit crude, is inpiring in its ingeniosity. Receipts found on site are showing a total investment of $782.53, far from the $6M invested in Colonel Steve Austin a few years later.

The prototype’s purpose appears to be a mystery: an 8-track was embedded in the lower addomen, Xmas lights was inserted under the skin to create a “glow”, speakers were attached to the volunteer’s chest and astroturf covered the whole body. Our scientists are trying to determine if other prototypes have been developed.

We’ll keep you posted for future developments of that story.

ActiveWall — House of the future

An ActiveWall is a wall that not only has variable opacity (to trace windows where you want on the wall), but also can display information. That information can be colour, an image to simulate a texture (wallpaper, paint or various paint finishes) or a feed (from TV, Internet or webcam).

You will be able to download themes from known interior designers to decorate your home and it will change the colours, wall illumination, window placement, music and smells of the house (synthetic odors).

You will also be able to subscribe to high-res webcam feeds and display it on the whole wall or room. Imagine your entire wall displaying a realistic real-time moving image, smells and sounds of a field in Manitoba, the French Alps or downtown Tokyo. It will feel as if your entire room was teleported in those places.

How to fake GeekSpeak

Combine any word from the following list: ware, shell, pod, cast, stream, bot, open-source, emulator and scripted to any acronym (as long as the acronym doesn’t form a word).

Example: My open-source emulator botware is streaming to my scripted streamcast in RFTY config.

Voila! Now quickly slip this gem into a conversation, wink and leave. You are sure to impress.

How Cars Should Be

  1. Fuel cell to cease dependance with oil suppliers and greatly reduce smog in cities.
  2. Adaptable shell to carry more people or take less space if driving alone.
  3. Adaptable contour seats with accupressure for greater comfort and safety (keep driver alert and relaxed)
  4. Computer that evaluate the driving risks based on weather, mechanical status, road conditions (pavement quality, construction, etc) and make suggestions based on driving experience, mental state, fatigue, car noise level (kids), etc
  5. Computer would compensate for driver physical state by altering cabin oxygen level, music level, etc
  6. Active windshield would have information overlay and would enhance edges and display tags on objects to enhance visibility
  7. Glider. A glider is not affected as much by pavement conditions, use and friction. Can also go over snow, sand and offroad without getting stuck.

The Problems with Jetpacks

Although the idea of a personal flying machine small enough to fit in a backpack is extremely appealing, you must consider the following:

1) We’d have to wear aluminum pants, which are probably not really comfy.

2) Engine failure at 75 feet in the air is not cool.

3) To be useful, a JetPack would have to go fairly fast. At that speed, birds, tree tops and clothes lines come mighty quickly.

4) People would use them as safely as they use boats or ATV— cluless and drunk. Imagine a group of drunken fratboys with their JetPack on a windy day in the busy downtown core…

Human Upgrade — Optica

Optica will be a optical digital implant that will include a multispectrum camera — with selectable wavelenghts from visible, radar, ultraviolet and infrared — that is linked to an image enhancer and an online database to cross-reference and interpret to images. Storage and transfer is done via another wireless implant.

Local Media Placement Marketing

One way to increase advertisement relevance would be to create movies and commercials with blue-screen placeholders and an upload/merging system. The local or seasonal content would then be hotlinked into those placeholders based on location, age group, community, etc. We could then insert local city landmarks, logos, crowds with different target age groups, taxi colours, etc. Different segments or scenes could also be used to adapt the movie or commercial to a specific audience.

RealWhisper Marketing

You’ve probably heard of Whisper Marketing, a form of viral marketing where hired people let you overhear their conversation about a new product.

The next step is RealWhisper Marketing, where motion activated small speakers will be placed in hundred of bushes across the city and litterally whisper brandnames and short promotions to you as you walk by. You’ll hear a whisper coming from nowhere saying “juicy BigMac”. You’ll turn around, looking to see someone, then dismiss it. But your brain will have absorbed it.

The following step will be to layer the short whisper promo on top of TV programs, like an audio Brunswick TV. If you have a home theater, that whisper layer will come from the back speaker — the ones closer to you.

The problems with Teleportation

First, there is the slight problem of computer power, which is required to map, store and transfer the entire atomic structure of the body fast enough to capture an instant picture of 1,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 electrons going at 2,200 kilometers per second.

Second, there is the logistical problem. How do you make sure you don’t reappear in a huge rock, in the middle of the ocean or in someone else? You would need to know the exact layout of your target location. What is a bee or a leaf flies in between the snapshot of the target location and the structural transfer? What would forbide several people to materialize in the exact same spot at the same time? Could you schedule your materialization for next week, and stay in limbo on a hard drive until then?

Third, there is the legal/privacy problem. How do you avoid someone to teleport in someone’s shower, or bank vault?

Forth, there is the data integrity problem. How do you make sure that the source and target are the same person, even if the atomic structure is the same? Would you have to go through a series of test each time to make sure that your memories, behaviour and thoughts are the same as before the transfer? What if they are not the same? Would you keep a copy (backup) of yourself for security purpose? If we can do that, it means we can use the Teleporter as a human photocopier… We could create an entire army of ourself. We could send multiple copies of ourself to different locations. Even if official Teleportation Zones would be programmed to not make multiple copies, the black market versions could have overrides…

InfoLife (formerly Internet 3.0)

The new Internet should be immersive in the true sense. It should merge information with our physical world to help us make better choices. RFID and immersive games are 2 of the applications of that but the InfoLife will go far beyond.

Example of applications will be:
Driving-Assistant: Overlay of Google-map type of information on your windshield to give directions based on real-time traffic, road closures, points of interests, etc. It would display arrows directly on the street to guide your drive and would point to the location you are looking for.
deliciouslyquitky ActiveWindshield
Consumer products: Mix of secure RFID and related internet information, to display related products info, recent warnings or recalls, recipes, assembly instruction, comparison charts, etc.
Security: XRay glasses with nighvision and multi-spectral CCDs coupled with face-recognition software and linked to criminal database as well as context-sensitive feeds from various blogs, will help security personals identity treats in a crowd.

Those are just a few applications of what the proper use of information can do for us.

Be my Puppet… with BodySynch

You have a big meeting and you don’t like the way you look? Hire a BodySynch from Ideum. Those LipSynching professionals will speak your works real-time with our patented Puppet 2 way communication system. Come in 3 male styles (hunky poet, successful CEO, bulky marine) and 3 female styles (elegant model, enticing waitress, mysterious executive). Now you can sound smart and look good too!